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Here at SonShine Publications, we are launching a "Spiritual CPR Campaign" to enable our readers to take full advantage of the wonderful personal benefits wrought by the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

This Campaign is called "Spiritual CPR" where CPR stands for "Claim your Personal Resurrection." We heartily invite everyone to join us in Spiritual CPR! More details are found by clicking on the "Spiritual CPR" link at the top of this page.

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Did you know there are Seven Astonishing Facts that every Christian must know?

These are not "optional" ideas, friend, but Biblical Facts that are absolutely essential to every soul's welfare. Yet they are often omitted, or mistaught, by many in Modern Christendom.

Make sure you learn what these astonishing facts are, and that you know the truth about them!

Learn more by going to our Astonishing Facts link at the top of this page!

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     SonShine Publications is the result of the life-long dream of Marie Fowler York. Since early childhood, she has been a writer. Her first piece of work was a Gospel song, written at the age of around nine years. Since that time, she has written hundreds of songs, as well as poems, stories, articles, and books.

     SSP is now her way of sharing with others the things that God has inspired, and enabled, her to write. Not all of her work is along spiritual lines, but it all reflects clean, honest, living and refreshes her readers with a higher perspective in life. Even in humor, SSP sees no need to delve into smutty things in order to entertain. Our theme is this: Let's live on the bright side of life!

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     Marie York started writing at around nine years of age. In early adulthood, she began an in-depth study of God's Word, which has continued to this day, and has tested at "ministerial level" in her Bible knowledge. She has had many articles, poems, fillers, and stories, published, as well as two full-length books and two booklets.


     Marie was first saved when only eight years old, and from the start, she knew that serving God required righteous living and separation from the world. Although she spent some of her youth in living an up-and-down life, she could never go far from God, or stay long. As she later deepened her consecration and became intimately involved with God's precious Word, she became stable and valuable in her labor of love for her Lord.